Helite Topless 5

Olav Lien Olsen just received the first Topless 5, now made by Helite and not LaMouette, in Norway. Olav has previously flown a Litespeed 5, but before this he was flying a Topless 2. It is good that not everyone in Norway is buying Moyes Litespeed. Not that this is not a good glider, but it is very boring having only one brand of competition gliders. As Olav is within the top 10 comp pilot list here in Norway, it will be interesting to see how the Topless 5 will perform.
Olav’s initial comments after three sled rides: Weight about the same as a Litespeed (with carbon a-frame), the speedbar is a solid 2 kg piece of carbon. The Uprights are thin as knives, but has a “weak link” and is attached on the top to a rotating joint so that the uprights can be turned sideways. The hang loop is adjustable. Overall finish is good, but with about one metre of needle marks on the sail (removed stitches?). Batten tips is of the new lever type in addition to a spring system. The handling was a little stiffer than a Litespeed and a Topless 2, but the glider seems to be easy to land.
Pictures of the glider HERE.

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