National record approved

My 71 km flight June 12th, including a 56 km declared goal, is now approved as a new national record for speed over 50 km. I actually did not realise that this was a possible record while flying, and it was only while taken the bus back to Vågå that I realised that it could be a record. So it was pure luck that I meet the requirements of less than 1000 metres of altitude loss. It turned out that I only had 18 metres excess altitude when I took the last TP.

Declared goal speed over 50km
Pilot: Bjørn Hammer
Dato: 2004/06/12
Takeoff: Blåhø, Vågå
Goal: Fåvang
Distanse: 50 km
Oppgavetype: Declared goal speed over 50km
Oppgavetid: 1:15:50
Gennomsnittshastighet: 44,34 km/t
Antall TP: 2

In addition, seven other record was approved after this season, including a new national record for open distance; Jon Gjerde – 206,5 km. See HERE for a complete list of the records (entry on Nov. 3rd).

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