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Frode Halse’s 100km club

Tuesday, November 30th, 2004

Frode Halse’s homepage has a address for his 100km club – The content is the same, and the page is in Norwegian. For those of you how do not know Frode Halse, he is the ultimate no. 1 fanatic and 100 % dedicated XC pg pilot, and current holder of the distance record for pg in Norway, and was the first to fly 100 km with pg in Norway. Hence his 100 km club.

HG-course at Flesberg

Monday, November 29th, 2004

I was about to cancel the course on Saturday when Øyvind Ellefsen persuaded me to give it a try. Based on local weather forecasts Øyvind wanted to try Flesberg, a NE launch 120 km East of Oslo. As our new Aeros Target has a bent leading edge I got to borrow a WW Falcon 2 195 from the Norwegian WW-dealer for the weekend. In addition, we used our own Falcon 2 170, so that we had one glider for each of the two students (Lars and Petter) this weekend. This means that we had two new course-gliders with no more than 8 flights between them before today – this must be a national record.
Saturday: Calm conditions and quite a lot of fog, but flyable. Both Petter and Lars got three flights each. For Lars, this was his first flights on a hang glider.
Sunday: Even calmer conditions, but today is was sunny. While driving from Oslo to Flesberg we had fog all the way to Flesberg and SW winds. But at Flesberg we had 0-wind and sun, but it was cold. When we drove from Flesberg in the evening it was -11 C at the landing; it was a cold day. Today Petter got 3 flights, while Lars came later and got 2 flight. Since Lars was late, Øyvind used to opportunity to try the Falcon 2 195. He was very enthusiastic about the glider. Read more about this on his homepage. Today we were also joined by Lier HGK and their two students.
Pictures from the day HERE.

Airborne C2

Friday, November 26th, 2004

Unconfirmed rumours: It seems like the “all Moyes Litespeed” national team is history. Two of Norway’s national team members have ordered Airborne C2 instead of the “traditional” Litespeed. Hence, the Norwegian team will fly with two C2s and three Litespeeds in the coming Worlds in Hey. I do not know why the two pilots have changed from Moyes Litespeed to Airborne C2.

Weekend plans

Friday, November 26th, 2004

It seems like the usual late autumn early winter weather is making troubles for our hg-course this weekend as well. Saturday is not promising at all, but may be we will be able to fly on Sunday.

More Helite Topless 5 pictures

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

Five more pictures of the Topless 5 has been added to the album. See HERE.
Quite exclusive pictures 🙂 even the Helite
does not have any pictures of this glider.

No flying

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

No flying this weekend or even the weekend before, on me and the course that is. Last weekend it was too windy, and this weekend the wind direction and fog made me decide not trying.

More pictures from Nordic Hang Glidng Open

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

Pictures from Nordic Hang Gliding Open 2004 HERE. On Hedemarken HGK’s web.

Helite Topless 5

Monday, November 22nd, 2004

Olav Lien Olsen just received the first Topless 5, now made by Helite and not LaMouette, in Norway. Olav has previously flown a Litespeed 5, but before this he was flying a Topless 2. It is good that not everyone in Norway is buying Moyes Litespeed. Not that this is not a good glider, but it is very boring having only one brand of competition gliders. As Olav is within the top 10 comp pilot list here in Norway, it will be interesting to see how the Topless 5 will perform.
Olav’s initial comments after three sled rides: Weight about the same as a Litespeed (with carbon a-frame), the speedbar is a solid 2 kg piece of carbon. The Uprights are thin as knives, but has a “weak link” and is attached on the top to a rotating joint so that the uprights can be turned sideways. The hang loop is adjustable. Overall finish is good, but with about one metre of needle marks on the sail (removed stitches?). Batten tips is of the new lever type in addition to a spring system. The handling was a little stiffer than a Litespeed and a Topless 2, but the glider seems to be easy to land.
Pictures of the glider HERE.

Weekend report

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

Øyvind Ellefsen and I had instructor duty this weekend. The students were ready for altitude flights, and we had high hopes for the weekend as the forecast was pretty good. Saturday we, and Lier HGK, tried to fly from the giant ski jump hill at Vikersund. But the weather demons provided cross- and tailwind. Sunday we drove to Brandbu in sunny and good conditions, but as we arrived at Brandbu we met the fog. In addition we had cross- and tailwind. I think this is the first time I have experienced two consecutive misses at a hg-course. As we drove home from Brandbu I thought I heard someone laugh; weather demons?
Pictures from Brandbukampen on Sunday HERE.

National record approved

Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004

My 71 km flight June 12th, including a 56 km declared goal, is now approved as a new national record for speed over 50 km. I actually did not realise that this was a possible record while flying, and it was only while taken the bus back to Vågå that I realised that it could be a record. So it was pure luck that I meet the requirements of less than 1000 metres of altitude loss. It turned out that I only had 18 metres excess altitude when I took the last TP.

Declared goal speed over 50km
Pilot: Bjørn Hammer
Dato: 2004/06/12
Takeoff: Blåhø, Vågå
Goal: Fåvang
Distanse: 50 km
Oppgavetype: Declared goal speed over 50km
Oppgavetid: 1:15:50
Gennomsnittshastighet: 44,34 km/t
Antall TP: 2

In addition, seven other record was approved after this season, including a new national record for open distance; Jon Gjerde – 206,5 km. See HERE for a complete list of the records (entry on Nov. 3rd).