Some updates

It has been a long time without updates. The main reason for is that I have been really sick and tired of hang gliding after this season. I was a lot of work preparing and being meet director at the Nordic Hang Gliding Open 2004 in addition to flying the comp myself. After that I have used some time and energy on KK-HG (admin of all comp flying in Norway and the national team), and on the “fagkomitee” (the part time management team supporting the head of the hg and pg section here in Norway). We have also started a new hg-course and this has also taken time and energy, although I have got very good support from Terje Brønstad and Erik Vermaas. Further, I have had 3 weeks where I have been ill. First food poisoning, then a long lasting cold. Still, here is a short update from the last months:

Last weekend: Finally some flying. On Sunday I got one very good flight at Trøgstad airfield. I had two tows behind Åge and Robin’s trike to about 500 metres. In the first flight I got to 1360 masl and stayed up for 1 1/2 hour, and probably got the last of the thermals this year. The second flight was a prolonged sled ride.

The hg-course: After having had about 45 people at 3-4 intro days, we only ended up with 2 students. Still, as they are both enthusiastic and actually good pilots we are almost ready for the altitude flights. In addition, we have 3 students from an intensive course in Vågå to take care of.

Some product news and gossip:
=> New short tail 4-fight helmets from Icaro. Made for pg-pilots. I have flown with the ordinary 4-fight helmet the last year and is very pleased – I hope to publish a review of the helmet soon.
=> Olav Lien Olsen has ordered and is soon to receive the first Topless 5 from Helite (ex. LaMouette) in Norway. Olav has previously flown a Topless 2 and has the last two years been flying a Moyes Litespeed 5.

Nordic Hang Gliding Open 2004: Here is a short report from Ultrasport of the comp. (in Norwegain). I will publish a short report from this comp soon.

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